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Discover the Difference



At RGB Color, we challenge the norms by providing innovative options and creative ideas that inspire designers, brands, retailers and architects.

This allows us to rethink what is possible and how to be different.

Concept Stores


The term ‘Concept Store’ might be a popular one, but not all such stores are created equal.

Our 3D & Project team has the focus on experience through the store design, the intermingling of product and additional elements such as events or accompanying services, to appeal to a targeted audience with the right brand’s spirit. Whether it’s with the store design and layout, creating a lifestyle with the products, and the built-up itself; our team has the aptitude and resourcefulness to propose a certain lifestyle or theme.

Travel Retail Displays


RGB has earned a sterling reputation as a trusted and versatile D&B provider for customised branding or product animations in the travel retail environment.

We are capable of setting the right tone for any event to create the adequate visibility and engagement in this highly-competitive arena.

Window Displays


An innovative design in window displays is a great opportunity to apply a brand’s ethos to their retail design.


Work with our team to deliver a unified store image, with on-brand installation across all the stores.


We will work together with you to deliver a product that embodies your brand’s cutting-edge identity, with the initiative and expertise involved to apply the most appropriate materials and techniques, to reach your aesthetics goals.



A successful exhibition is more than simply displaying branding and products. It is essential to create the right atmosphere: be it modern or contemporary, stylish and trendy, and being comfortable and receptive.

Our designs would give viewers of the exhibition a sense of leaving the real world behind and entering into something new.