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RGB is dedicated to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Our Eco-Boards category of materials contains no harmful components and utilizes water-based adhesives, meaning it can be recycled as paper in normal waste paper streams. Being incredibly lightweight, it also reduces the carbon footprint of transport.

The unique engineered fluted core enables our Eco-Boards range of products to be cut and folded into any conceivable shape. Good planar flatness and pristine white surface can be digitally-printed or beautifully finished with laminates.

Eco-Boards is the most versatile board material to respond to changing market need for function and form, also most importantly, with sustainability.


Events & Exhibitions


Our Eco-Boards materials are versatile and re-usable material for Events & Exhibitions setups.


Combined with structural engineering, it can reach up to 5m high.


Onsite installations timing could be further reduced with modular design.



A memorable visual display strengthens an event’s impact with the target audience. With a professionally designed and manufactured backdrop, we help our clients capture the attention of their customers.


With its great usability, environmental sustainability, and speed & ease of installation & dismantling, Eco-Boards provides the perfect platform for these temporary presentations.

Signboards / Stands


Eco-Boards can be easily assembled and disassembled, which is perfect for signboards or merchandising stands.


The strength and versatility of Eco-Boards provides the material of choice to execute a modular display design that is ready to be transported and, setup quickly, to deliver your message over many physical locations effectively.


And after it has served its purpose, Eco-Boards can be recycled as paper.

Display Racks / Shelves


For this category, Eco-Boards can create partitions which could also serve as decorations. We certainly can make displays to measure.


The direct printing and the endless ways of shaping Eco-Boards is perfect for this type of project.


Other advantages are how light and yet rigid it is, the possibility to transport displays as a flat-pack, and the ease of setting up at the site.